Hi, my name is Susanne Ottenheym, or better yet: Suus. I am a 26 year old photographer based in Leiden, The Netherlands. I have been around cameras since the age of 15. Ten years later, after getting a master’s degree in Psychology, I decided to extend my passion and create Susanne Ottenheym Photography. Both in real life and behind the camera I enjoy being enthousiastic and hard working. Taking photos at wedding-, sport- and business related events has become my main scope.

Next to photography I enjoy ( UX ) design, snowboarding, movies and sugar. To get a better impression of me, here are a few random words that describe me as a person: happy bouncing ball, inventor of random soundtracks, and absolute winter person.

Want to know more about me and my photography? Let’s get in contact!

Photo by  Ward van Zeijl